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I am an influencer/brand ambassador and interested in working with HHG. Who can I talk to? 

We’d love to hear more about how you can help us share Happy Hour Gummies far and wide. Shoot us a note above and we’ll be in touch. 


I’m a retailer! Can I carry HHG in my store? 

Ooh, exciting! Fill out the comment form above and we’ll take it from there! 


I’m an investor, and I really think you’ve got something here. How can I invest in HHG? 

We’re flattered! Please reach out directly via and we’ll follow up shortly with specifics. 


I’m a journalist and have a press inquiry. Can I please talk to a human? 

Whether you’re writing a puff piece or want to interview us, drop us a line at 732.889.3080 


I’m a customer and I’d like to contact you.  

That's easy! We love to hear from our Gummy lovers. Leave us a comment above.